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Clare Hemington  DipCABT

Cat Behaviourist & Author

Clare Hemington (DipCAPBT) is an experienced cat behaviour professional. Her Behaviour Practice, Clare's Cat Care is one of the very few fully accredited and veterinary referred pet behaviour practices in the UK which is entirely dedicated to diagnosing and treating cat behaviour problems.

Clare conducts consultations in your home as well as by telephone, and you can find more details of these services on the Consultations page.


The types of problem Clare can help with include: cats that are displaying aggression towards people or other cats; house soiling issues; urine spraying; overgrooming and generalised anxiety.








You will also find advice on the Free Information and Cat Products pages of this site as well as on Clare's Facebook Page.


Clare looks forward to helping you and your cats.

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“Thank you so much - I cannot believe what a difference your interventions and advice has made. I sleep well at night and I feel enormously better. I cannot be more grateful.” Dr. S. Doffman


"I am so very grateful to you for your input with the cats.  It has been a huge benefit to them and us and I thank you so very much." B. Cassells