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Clare Hemington - Accredited Cat Behaviourist

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Clare Hemington  DipCABT (QCF )

Cat Behaviourist & Owner of Clare's Cat Care

Are you living with a cat behaviour problem such as an aggressive cat? An anxious cat? A cat that is urinating in the house? Or perhaps you have cats fighting with each other because they just don't get on.


All of these and any other behaviour problem can be very distressing for both cat and owner alike...

...My aim is to help owners who are experiencing cat behaviour problems by giving them practical advice from a trained professional in a supportive and understanding way.


Clare's Cat Care is one of the very few accredited pet behaviour practices in the UK which is entirely dedicated to cats.


My services include consultations which take place in the cat's home as well as telephone consultations UK-wide and you can find more details of these services on the Cat Behaviour Advice page.


There's also some general advice which you might find helpful on the Free Behaviour Guides  and

Cat Products pages of this site which I'll be adding to regularly, so please keep coming back!


I look forward to helping you and your cats.


For Ten Top Tips to Help Keep your Cat Content click here.



""Clare gave support and advice on handling and socialising a very nervous and frightened six week old abandoned feral kitten that we rescued from a ditch, having been separated from her mother. Over time we were able to build the kittens confidence and she has developed into a well balanced, playful and gentle adult cat who continues to develop as time goes on.


Though very experienced cat owners for over 30 years, we had never dealt with this situation before and Clare's advice and knowledge in the early stages enabled us to bring the kitten along to become the lovely adult cat that she now is. Clare has a huge amount of practical experience as well as academic qualifications and if you have behavioural issues with your cat or kitten, we would definitely recommend contacting her for friendly and helpful advice." - Steve and Lyn Heath

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