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...The answer is of course ‘yes’ but the reasons why cats behave in a certain way can be

complex and due to many different variables such as genetics, their early experiences,

age, sex, breed, environment, relationships to name but a few!


As an accredited cat behaviourist my aim is not only to give advice to owners who are

seeking help for a specific cat behaviour problem, but to help owners and breeders by

raising general awareness of the behaviours of the domestic cat as a ‘species’.  

Clare Hemington  DipCABT (QCF )

Cat Behaviourist & Owner of Clare's Cat Care




“End of my Tether” ...

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The words above are some of those that are most commonly used by cat owners who contact me. But can our feline friends really be the cause of so much worry...?



I've updated my free advice

page with an article on the actions you can take if your 

cat goes missing. Fingers

crossed 'though that you

never need it...



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The more we know about our pet cats the more likely it is that that we can interpret their

behaviour, create an environment that is super cat-friendly and understand how to help

them when things go wrong.  This is why you’ll find me constantly updating this site with

facts about cats on my Free Advice page!


Clare's Cat Care is One of the Very Few UK Pet Behaviour Practices Dedicated to Cats


This means that the help you and your cats receive is specialised and focussed.


Thank you for visiting my site and here’s to a future with happy cats and happy owners!

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